Dragon King’s Daughter: Well Done!

If you ever find yourself traveling in Louisville and are in search of an eclectic meal, Grub has a spot just for you. We found this gem by doing a search on Urbanspoon and on Yelp. The ratings were mixed, so we figured why not take a chance. If it turns out to be bad, no problem – we were traveling so no big deal. Mick and I agreed on The Dragon King’s Daughter. I was interested in DKD if for no other reason than the name of the place. Some of the reviews commented on the location of the restaurant being in a bad neighborhood. That peaked my interested as I don’t think that the location of a restaurant is indicative of the quality of the food and of the service, so I threw out that review. In the future, if you are reading a restaurant review and the comments are more about the location than about the food, well you know how to feel about that review. Since the locale was such a big deal, let me say this – the neighborhood was exactly the same type of neighborhood as Jacksonville’s Riverside/Avondale, Savannah’s Thunderbolt, or New Orleans’ Garden District. If those types of areas give you pause, then DKD is not the place to go. If not, then read further.

DKD is eclectic. When you enter, you can see that this was a business that was converted into a restaurant, perhaps an old furniture store. It was cavernous and not obviously laid out in a typical restaurant fashion. There were various pictures and paintings on the wall, with no particular theme in mind. The tables are on various side of the restaurant and my recommendation would be to try and sit by a window so that you can people-watch out on Bardstown Avenue. We ordered two appetizers, the Ginger Chicken ($4), which is a sliced chicken breast sautéed in a ginger sauce then topped with green onion, and we had the Fried Veggie Gyoza ($4), which are vegetable filled pot-stickers with a spinach vinaigrette, spicy mustard and chili oil. Mick also ordered a Xingu, which is a Brazilian Black Lager and is very smooth. I indulged myself with a Rogue Dead Guy, best described as a German maibock ad could be considered a meal in and of itself. Neither of the dishes was bland. In fact, they were very flavorful with just a hint of spice on the back end. With the Gyoza, the heat stayed with me long after the dish was done. These appetizers hit on all points and were as advertised.

Appetizers = A

Now on to the entrees. We ordered the Asian BBQ Beef Taco ($10), and the Dragon Roll ($8). Grub is partial to Asian BBQ, from his days of enjoying Bulgogi in South Korea. I had never had BBQ in a taco, however, and this fusion of Asia and Mexico was an exciting change of pace. This dish consisted of beef rib eye cooked in Asian BBQ sauce and was served with wasabi-mayo. The dish arrived in three soft tacos with an aroma reminiscent of street food in downtown Seoul. I was transformed at the very first bite and stayed with this dish until the very end. The spice was perfect, but not overpowering. The beef was really tender and was accompanied by cabbage and carrots. The dish was really good. So good in fact, that I actually ordered a second entrée! DKD did this one really well, and if I ever visit this place again, this will be the first dish that I order. Mick jumped down on the Dragon Roll, which contained Unagi (eel) and avocado inside with a Unagi sauce. The presentation of this dish was awesome and artistic. It looked as though it took an hour to prepare it and I would have taken a picture, but Mick was more than eager to delve into it before I had the camera at the ready.

Entrees = A

The service for the restaurant was prompt and friendly. Drinks were refilled often and the beer was really cold. The ambiance was really enjoyable especially if you are into people watching. The real treat of the visit came when fifteen young ladies walked in for lunch. Each was dressed as if they had just come from a wedding. The kicker was that each of them was at least six feet tall and that they all had on heels! What a sight!!!

Service = A

Plan a trip to Louisville and soon! There are plenty of things to do in the city: Louisville Slugger, the Muhammad Ali Museum, and the bourbon distilleries, just to name a few. If the hunger pangs get you while you are there, stop by the Dragon King’s Daughter and relax, take in the sights and sounds and enjoy a great dining experience!!!! Their business model works and works well. A clean environment with cheap eats usually spells success. This is certainly a Good Grub Spot.

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Restaurant:      Dragon King’s Daughter

Address:          1126 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204

Telephone:      (502) 632-2444

Website:         www.dragonkingsdaughter.com

Date of Visit:  July 14, 2012

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